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San Jose Turron 500g


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Product description:

Peruvian Turron de Doña Pepa, a sweet, anise-flavoured treat. A traditional Peruvian dessert typically eaten in the month of October but delicious any time of year. The month of October is better known as El Mes Morado in Peru. Translated, El Mes Morado means, the Purple Month, in honour of “El Señor de los Milagros” ( “the Lord of Miracles” which is the Peruvian image of Jesus Christ). Why the Purple Month? Purple is the colour of the Nazerenas nuns in Lima, Peru. During October, a series of religious processions are held in the city of Lima. Men and women walk the city streets clothed in purple dress. In fact, the colour purple is prominently displayed throughout the city; purple clothing, purple banners, purple flowers, and of course, Turron de Doña Pepa. The reason this Peruvian dessert is so closely tied to El Mes Morado is because of a miracle. Stories vary, but all agree that Josefa Marmanillo, nicknamed “Doña Pepa”, was a paralyzed slave from Cañete, Peru who was cured after a pilgrimage to Lima to worship the Lord of Miracles. After being healed of her paralysis, she created the Turron de Dona Pepa in appreciation and offered it to all worshippers of the Lord of Miracles. The miracle dates back over 500 years and continues to be celebrated every October by Peruvians all around the world.
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