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Peruvian San Jose Nougat (Turron Dona Pepa) 500g




Peruvian San Jose Nougat (Turron Dona Pepa) 500g : Nougat made from thin sticks of sweet dough with raw material selected of the highest quality honey topped with an exquisite 5 different fruits, adorned with candy colors and figures confited
Our traditional nougat is made with a rigorous classification of the elements that make our nougat are considered some of the best of Peru and the world both for its mild flavor and mass are the favorite Peruvian people
San Jose nougat belongs to the peruvian traditional pastry elaborated for the party of  the lord of miracles in the October Month of each year. This party consists in a traditional procession that is celebrated all over the world where there are strong peruvian communities, like rome, italy, new jersey, new york, virginia, maryland in usa, caracas, venezuela, santiago, chile and many more big cities.
Generally, this nougat (turron )  is a delicacy that is consumed all year round by peruvians and latinos that get the chance to taste it, its flavour is very delicious

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