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Frequently asked questions regarding Nature Hunter.

Yes, without a Thermal Box or Insulated Box Frozen & Refrigerated Products cannot be shipped out. 

Yes, you still need to purchase a Thermal Box or Insulated Box with free shipping.

Once order has been fulfilled, we will send you a Message with a tracking number.

The processing time is 2-3 days. Shipping Time depends on location.

At Nature Hunter We always try our best to stock all your favourite things, but all the products we sell are subject to availability and customs clearance. We will tell you about any substitutes in your Order which we message to you on the day before your order is due.

If something you have ordered is not available when we pick your order, we may choose a substitute. If it costs less, we charge you less. If it costs more, we will not charge you the extra. The price of these may be slightly different to when you placed your order, and it may be the same for any substitutes. when we get your order ready so that you can keep the Free Delivery for UK Mainland When you spend £79.99

The products that we sell are in high demand and subject to availability. If a product you want is out of stock, the site does not show when more stock will become available. And unfortunately, our Customer Service team cannot give you this information either. So, please keep checking the website.

Purchasing limits – to ensure there is enough for everyone, we will place purchase limits on high demand products from time to time.