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Murray & Lanman Florida Water - Agua De Florida 270ml


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Product description:

Florida Water is a healing instrument widely used in indigenous and shamanic ceremonies, especially in the Andes and the Peruvian Amazon. Its high healing power was discovered a long time ago by shamans and shamans and even today its use is well known and publicized in the ceremonies of Ayahuasca, São Pedro, as well as ceremonies of Wicca and Voodoo. Also used in other moments of daily life, such as cleaning, unloading and therapies in general.

Its history began in 1808 when it was created in the USA. Its preparation combines a floral variety of essential oils on a water and alcohol basis. Include notes like amber, musk and benzoin; in addition to citrus notes such as: bergamot, neroli, lemon, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, rose, orange blossom among other plants and its formula is kept secret until today. Its aroma is refreshing, magical and enveloping, allowing to free and refresh the mind and spirit, as well as reassuring and calming people in shock.

Florida Water has become an instrument of powerful spiritual connection in shamanism. Its use and application have already been recorded in several mystical cultures spread across the most diverse points of the globe. In Peruvian shamanic rituals, for example, the healer puts a few drops on the patient’s body, crossing the forehead, chest and back, chanting protection songs, to seal, close and protect the patient’s body against evil spirits. There is a type of shaman called “Perfumero”, who specializes in the use of other scents to attack witchcraft, cure diseases and attract positive energies.



• Drop a few drops on the palm of your hand and rub them. Bring your hands towards your face (without touching it) and inhale for a few seconds. This will calm your thoughts and make positive energy vibrate. Then run your hands over the back of your neck and over your head to clear obsessive energies and attract prosperity and good energy.

• Cleaning and purification bath: mix about 15 ml. (1 to 2 lids) in warm water along with other herbs, essential oils and coarse salt, to remove negativity and bring happiness to your life.

• Spiritual offerings: put in a bowl and leave a little of the colony on your altar (1 to 2 lids) and offer to gods, goddesses, entities or saints during your prayers, in order to enhance your prayers and prayers to the spirit world.

• Instruments of power: wet a piece of cloth with Florida Water and clean your magic objects in order to clean them from negative energies, protect them from spells and open the way if objects are used for divination.

• Ambient spray: there are several recipes for ambient sprays. Use your magic knowledge and intuition to prepare the spray. Use this spray in your aura and in the environments, in order to clean the negative energies, or even as a way of connecting with the spiritual world before a ritual or mediumistic care.

• House cleaning: mix about 15 ml. (1 to 2 lids) to your cleaning products to bless and bring spiritual protection to your home. In addition, if you put it in a bottle with a vaporizer you can spray it on a daily basis, eliminating smoke odors, kitchen odors, new paint and other smells.

• When used together with a small amount of Sacred Cáscara, it is of great help to destroy evil and witchcraft from negative Spirits.

• Foot scald: mix about 15 ml. (1 to 2 lids) in warm water together with the other herbs, essential oils and coarse salt, which will provide you with a calming and restorative effect, in addition to blessing your paths and providing guidance on your walk.

• Headaches: apply a few drops to your temples and forehead so that your mental balance is maintained.

• Insect bites: apply over the bite area to calm irritation.

• Nervous tension: drop a few drops on the palm of your hand and apply on the forehead, giving a massage to relax.

• Wardrobe or closed areas: splash a few drops in your underwear drawer, clothes and cabinets which will bring in addition to a lovely aroma, protection and open paths for you.

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