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Star Anise 40g



This spice is a dried star-shaped fruit native to Vietnam and China which stems from a small Asian evergreen tree. It is picked when it’s still green and unripe, it’s dried in the sun, where it progresses into red-brown colour. The sweet warm flavour is somewhat like liquorice, clove, fennel seed, and aniseed although they are unrelated. Star anise is mainly used in Vietnamese and Chinese cooking to infuse soups, stews, and braised dishes. Ground star anise is a main spice in Chinese five-spice powder which is commonly added to stir-fry. Also, the little stars powerful flavours can be added to the liquid for poaching pears or other fruit.

Health benefits 

  1. Provides antioxidant 
  2. Fights viruses and flu
  3. Helps with digestion 
  4. Stops Growth of Bacteria and Fungi
  5. May reduce respiratory congestion
  6. Improves Lactation
  7. Treats menopause symptoms
  8. Lowers blood sugar levels 
  9. Promotes bone health
  10. Regulates blood pressure 
  11. Protects Liver
  12. Relieves inflammation
  13. Anti-cancer properties 
  14. Improves Sleep


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