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Sibarita Aji Panca Chilli Paste/Panquita Natural Aji Especial 100g



Panquita Sibarita is an exquisite crushed panca pepper sauce that is ready to use and is the best option to enhance the color and flavor of your meals. The ají panca originated in South America, in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia and is considered one of the main condiments of Peruvian cuisine. Panquita Sibarita is made with the best selection of dried panca peppers, salt and spices.

Season your meals with Panquita Sibarita and create the best recipes in your kitchen. Use it when preparing your dressing, adding it after browning the garlic and onion.

Panquita Sibarita is your ideal complement to make your day to day more practical. Prepare the best of Peruvian food such as: anticuchos, carapulcra, stews, stews, marinades, marinades, grilled or baked meats, and all the recipes you can create.

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