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Organic Oregano 20g

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Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano is a staple herb used in many cuisines around the world.

It has a strong distinct taste that brings warmth to dishes, in combination with a hint of sweetness.

The herb can provide us with significant health benefits in all of its forms, which include fresh, dried or oil-based.

Despite it only being added to dishes in small amounts, oregano contains some important nutrients. For instance, one teaspoon of dried oregano can fulfil about 8% of your daily vitamin K intake.

Also, research has shown evidence of other impressive potential health benefits including;

  1. High amounts of Antioxidants
  2.  Helping Fight Bacteria
  3.  Anti-Cancer Properties
  4.  Helping reduce Viral Infection
  5.  Decreasing Inflammation
  6. Easily Added to Your Diet.

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3 reviews for Organic Oregano 20g

  1. Jose Carlos

    Since I’ve found out about the health benefits of oregano I have been adding it to everything! Lovely taste and good health results so far

  2. Isabella Jiménez

    Love adding this herb to just about every savoury dish I cook.Great with pasta sauces, vegetable soups, stews,BBQ. Great quality and generous for the price.

  3. Camila Lopez

    Bought this for the first time recently. Found this oregano to be very fragrant and flavourful compared to other store oregano I have every tried.

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