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Green Lentils / Lentejas 500g



Green Lentils / Lentejas 500g

Lentils are edible seeds that are lens-shaped with a glossy outer shell. 

Green lentils are a close relative of the garden pea due to its green-grey speckled appearance.They are commonly used in Asian and North African dishes including soups, salads, stews and other traditional favorites.Lentil is low in fat, packed with fiber, and minerals that help to prevent various diseases such as diabetes or high cholesterol. There are other types of lentils such as black, yellow that all take around 30 minutes cooking time. However Green lentils have a slightly longer cooking time of around 45 minutes and have a more robust peppery flavor than other varieties. They can be prepared by simmering water in a pan, then can be drained to add to salads, curries or other dishes.Lentils work well as they retain a lot of their flavor and texture after cooking. They have a good reputation for their flavor and health benefits. 


Health benefits 

  • Lowers risks for heart disease 
  • High amounts of  polyphenols 
  • High in protein
  • High in iron
  • High in  fiber
  •  Enhance bone structure 
  • Good source of folic acid
  • High in magnesium.
  • Improves diabetes 
  • Improves cholesterol levels 
  • Potassium
  •  Can replace meat in meals

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