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5 X Spitfire Civilian Face Mask FFP3 N99 COVID-19 #Masks4AllUK

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5 X Spitfire Civilian Face Mask #Mask4AllUK

  • Whole mask made with filter material, Each mask has two Layers of Mask Fabric delivers quad the protection
  • Microbial barrier protection blocks  >99.9% barrier, this is the highest score which can be achieved on the BFE-test Fabric has a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of allowing microbes through versus other masks
  • Made from Recyclable #5 Polypropylene Fabric which is considered to be the safest of all plastics it also is Chemical Resistance, Elasticity and Toughness Fatigue Resistance
  • Flame Resistance American NFPA Class 1 (Most protective : https://www.remm.nlm.gov/nfpaclasses_ppe.htm )
  • Highly durable as it Reusable and Washable as it Water resistant
  • Autoclave
  • Light Weight
  • No Natural Rubber Latex
  • Fabric Made in the USA 
  • Mask Made in England    FFP3 N99 Halyard Mas

We At Nature Hunter Ltd Are Just another Group of concerned individuals with a backgrounds in Healthcare, Food Nutrition, Science Technology and Psychology.

So with that being said, we did a lot of research into this we would like to answer some questions are asked frequently.

Are Masks are helpful?

We have seen studies that show that a mask is better than no mask. So, we would like to point that out they are not harmful.

So respirators like Spitfire Civilian Face Mask FFP3 N99 are number one.

Number two, if you don’t have that surgical masks.

And if you don’t have that, then use homemade cloth masks.

So, that is the scale.

So, you can look at the Sources below.




So, University of Florida post it for everyone to take and use and it is really generous of them they are the ones who came up with the use of

Halyard which we think is absolutely brilliant

Now we can make our masks for everyone using the Best Fabric Material Available,

Source: https://anest.ufl.edu/clinical-divisions/mask-alternative/#prototype2

We try to answer everything to the best of our ability.

1.What are the best materials ?

So lets get started with talking about the materials.


Halyard is actually a Medical Sterilization material that hospitals use, to clean their surgical instruments , it does filter out bacteria.

Like, it’s designed to filter stuff out because after you clean an instrument, you wrap it up in this material, you put it through the autoclaves

( An autoclave is a machine that basically steams and heats and pressurizes to kill off any bacteria and viruses, An autoclave gets up to 240 degrees Celsius)

So, then it comes out, and it sits in this blue Fabric material for 7 days or 14 days until the hospital is ready to use it again. And then so, during that time, bacteria shouldn’t be able to get through it and that is the whole point. So, it’s been studied quite a bit, hospitals use it and the way that you study it is you look at its Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE).

BFE for Halyard is greater than 99.9%, which is the best possible score. And what that means is that particles of about 3 microns in size do not go through. And the way that they figured they get a piece of the filter, of the paper and they chuck bacteria at it and then they measure how many bacteria are on the other side. Below is a video of Fabric Testing Bacterial Filtration Efficiency

So, we think that it has a lot of potential and it definitely is probably the best material we’ve got that is available that we can use for making all these Spitfire Civilian Face Masks. It does filter out bacteria, it also filters out viruses. And it is autoclave , meaning that you can sterilize it, so that means that these masks are reusable. You can literally wear them, put them into sterilization and can wear them again. So, that is pretty nice. So, those are all the great things. So, if we had to pick a best material, that would probably be it.

2. The next question is of the pattern and Fit testing.

The best pattern ideally is a mask that does not let any air seep in through the sides, top or bottom.

The reason for that is because if it lets anything leak from the sides, no matter how well it filters from the front, you are still going to get leakage from other ends, so a virus can still get through.

So, something like an Spitfire Civilian Face Mask FFP3 N99 COVID-19 respirator does not let any air through the sides and the way that you test it and make sure that it doesn’t is you do a fit test.

 3.How do you test that they are working?

To do the Fit test is that you put the mask on, and then you put this large hood hat on, then someone  sprays a solution that has a certain flavor that is very distinct, it is either really sweet or really bitter . And this particle won’t go through the mask but it can go through the sides and then you do different activities while wearing the mask and the hood and having this repeatedly sprayed into your face until you say “Oh wow, I taste it, there is a hole.” Or you say “Oh, I actually never tasted that, that works.”

It is pretty rigorous, it is of you doing activities like sitting down and breathing, deep breathing and walking and talking and shaking your head and nodding and all that sort of things.

So we remade our own pattern an we tested it passed the fit test this is the

Spitfire Civilian Face Mask

It has surgical stainless or copper wire on top ,the thread that is used is a cotton thread, ties at the bottom ,So now that we know which mask passed.

Thanks to contributions from everyone involved in this project we are happy to provide masks in this shortage,

Lets Prevent this Virus from spreading

If You would like to contribute to our project our Paypal Address is: mynaturehunter@gmail.com

Limit of Maximum 10 Mask per order.

Mask orders and Food orders are separate.Please share and help to spread the key message that can save lives and slow the pandemic. #Masks4All: “I protect you, you protect me.”

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5 reviews for 5 X Spitfire Civilian Face Mask FFP3 N99 COVID-19 #Masks4AllUK

  1. Francisco Franco

    These masks were purchased for my brother who is an essential worker and is out risking his health daily

  2. Rebecca Winkler

    Good quality material, I feel very protected wearing it as it is quite tight so I know nothing will be getting it.

  3. Leighonne

    The face mask was good quality and arrived quickly! Made me feel safe and were comfortable to wear

  4. Filipa Diamond

    Very Good quality mask quick delivery

  5. Ayo

    I absolutely love the face mask. It came quickly too.

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